Three Rivers Volkswagen McMurray PA


Many people think that once a warranty does lapse it’s not important or when purchasing a used car, even with low mileage that it will be fine.

Since vehicles now come with tons of new technology to improve things like fuel efficiency, reduce your CO2 emissions, allow for more efficient engine design and operations, and peak transmission performance. In the last two years, these are some of the technologies that have increased in vehicles and Volkswagen is looking ahead and hoping within the next 5 years to increase vehicle technologies by 86-99% in all areas. Overall in the automotive industries technologies are projected to increase more in the next decade then they have over the last century.

Instead of fielding calls for extended warranties, browsing extended warranty junk mail, or just going in blind and buying off the internet you can buy from your trusted dealer, Three Rivers Volkswagen. This means you know who you are buying from and you have a lifeline you can reach out to if there are any issues - plus then you have a dealership to bring your vehicle to for all service needs and issues. A real person, a real experience, something you can trust.

Plus, the steps are simple and easy so you can complete all online!

  1. First, input your vehicles and your personal information to get the process started.
  2. Second, find the perfect protection plan for you through browsing through the plans available.
  3. Next, check out your protection plan, finalize your payment, and you're all set!